Resistance Throughout The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Resistance Throughout The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, set in the late 1900’s, tells a story of Oscar Wao, an overweight Dominican “ghetto nerd”, his mother and rebellious sister who live together in Paterson, New Jersey. Throughout the novel, Diaz incorporates many different stories about each character that show acts of resistance. One of the most prominent stories of resistance in the novel is through Oscar’s mom; Beli, who is prompted by great tragedy, known as the Trujillo curse, to love atomically and thus follow a dangerous path. Beli’s family history plays a large role in her choices that eventually compel her into a different life than what her adopted mother, La Inca, had wanted for her. Beli resisting La Inca portrays her downfall because Beli makes choices against La Inca’s desires that will harm her. She is unaware of her history and background of the Abelard family, other than the fact that La Inca continuously tells Beli that her father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse. Abelard Luis Cabral was Oscar and Lola’s grandfather, the man who said something bad about Trujillo, thus eventually sending the fukú curse down to Beli. Diaz writes “In those long days-before delincuencia and bank failures, before Diaspora- the Cabrals were numbered among the High of the Land “(211). The Cabral’s held a high place in society, but it was not until Abelard Cabral upset Trujillo that he was sentenced to the curse of Trujillo’s reign. The power of Trujillo is so strong that it ruined not only Abelard Cabral’s life, but also his wife and three daughters’ lives as well. His two daughters died abruptly and Beli suffered later in life with her love. Trujillo’s power is able to e... ... middle of paper ... ...Lola. Also, she would not have survived being beaten by Trujillo’s wife’s men in the cane field if it was not for her persistence and defiance against dying at that time. Beli’s protector, La Inca is a woman motivated by love throughout the entire novel. She always looks out for her family and wishes to protect them. La Inca is a form of zafa, the reversal of the fukú curse. Beli’s fight against protection from La Inca is misguided and has brought her to her downfall, as she must leave the Dominican Republic for a life where she struggles to make ends meet. La Inca feels so much pain sending Beli away to the United States, especially when she had such high expectations for Beli in the Dominican Republic. No matter how much Beli opposed La Inca’s ideas, La Inca always looks out and prays for Beli. Even with the force of resistance, La Inca holds the family together.

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