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Ever since the concept of the Enlightenment had been established, nations had become more dependent on reason rather than tradition and faith, thus creating stronger and more structured countries. America had always been the leader in becoming a developed, enlightened country, yet still struggles with problems. During the 19th to early 20th centuries, America and its citizens have been denying the rights and privileges of other minorities, however results in the minorities fighting for, and receiving their rights. The three main groups of American citizens that were denied their rights and privileges consisted of blacks, women, and members of the LGBT community. First of all, the negative outlook on blacks was influenced by the time of slavery in america. Slaves were loaded onto ships that were apart of a trade route called the Triangular Trade. This shiping route consisted of ships from Europe that traveled to Africa to kidnap slaves, then the slaves were densely packed onto the ship that dropped of slaves in America. The conditions of the ship where cruel, and consisted of packing slaves to the point of barely being able to move. The hygiene of the slaves and the ship was unbearable because slaves had to go to the bathroom where they lay, no cleaning facilities for bathing, and the heat creates even more problems. If the slaves survived from starvation, disease, and suicide, they then in turn would be sold to bidders. United States opinions towards whether or not slavery was acceptable was divided by the north and the south. This difference of opinions had been a main cause in many conflicts such as the Civil War. Many attempts had been made to abolish slavery such as; the Underground Railroad, which includes a path of safe hou... ... middle of paper ... ...tions. For example in the past, blacks had not been treated equally and did not have the same rights as everyone else so they fought and earned them. Not long after, the women did the same thing when they did not have some of their rights. Hopefully, it will happen again for the LGBTQ Community because it will cause the United States to be more Enlightened than before. In fact, the fight for LGBTQ rights is already underway. By May 5, 2014, 17 states in America already allow same sex marriage and the others are in the process of allowing same sex marriage. In conclusion, America is an Enlightened country after all. Groups of minorities are denied their rights and privileges thus creating an country that betrays the enlightenment, but in the end citizens help turn America into an Enlightened country, whether it be blacks, women, and LGBTQ members earning their rights.
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