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“A seventeen year old boy, living with his mother and other small children, heard a loud knock late at night. His mother called out “ Who is it” no answer was given. The boy walked up to the door and shouted, “Who is it” again. There was no answer. The boy walked up to the corner, picked up his .22 then came back and slowly opened the door. Carrying the rifle under his left arm he shouted on more “ I said who is it” once more, there was no answer. He stepped out onto the porch, looked left, looked straight ahead and then began to look right into the darkness. His mother, watching from inside the open door, suddenly saw bright gold flashes and heard the angry “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang”. The policeman hiding behind the open door, emptied eight rounds from his forty caliber Glock into the boys chest and back blowing him of the little porch onto the ground” This police officer who had been called to this young boys trailer because of a NOISE COMPLAINT by the neighbors about a baby crying to loudly. This was not a matter that required a gun or secrecy when this police officer was asked to identify himself. That day a disease that plagues the world killed an innocent young man. This disease is called “Police Brutality”. This young man, who’s name can not be disposed, Might have lived if this trigger happy officer had been given a simple philological test. This young man could have lived to see another day if this officer did had the smallest amount of common sense. This officer being a policeman was charged with no crime, nor set to any jail not even given a suspension of his him bing a policeman gave him the right to do this with no harm to himself. This world, where officers of the Law can avo...

... middle of paper ... them the right to do whatever they please. That is why their should be stricter laws and punishments enforced against officers who commit acts of brutality because officers often abuse their power, their would be less time spent in court, and officers often get away with acts of brutality. According to the 2010 police misconduct report 247 people died in 2010 because of police brutality. These are people with families, friends and people who loved them. And most of the officers who committed the acts walked free with no harm to themselves, but plenty of harm to others. This is a world that is not suitable to live in if you have to live in fear of the people who are supposed to protect you. In a world where there is crime their will always be a need for people to subdue that crime, but it is up to the people to decide when those officers overstep the boundaries.

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