Research on Firefighters and Rescuers During Huricane Katrina

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In August of 2005 hurricane Katrina made landfall and decimated the city of New Orleans. New Orleans is surrounded by levees that protect the city from the many canals. Katrina created a massive storm surge that overwhelmed the capacity of the canals and protective levees leading to extreme flooding in many areas. Hurricane Katrina lingered over New Orleans dumping even more water onto the already precarious situation. Homes were flooded, some were missing their roofs, and other homes were completely gone. Those who survived the storm were left to climb onto their roofs and wait to be rescued because floodwaters reached their gutters; others were entombed in their flooded homes while some had no home left. When faced with utter devastation, first responders are called on to run into the chaos. They are exposed physically and mentally to horrific sights and substances that would be unthinkable to most people. Many first responders do this without even thinking – they go where help is needed. Exposure to the environmental detritus and debris left after a natural disaster often l...

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