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As it has been already indicated, this study has examined each of our six research questions via the interviews of colleagues in the health field and through my experiences with my clients.

The Research Method

Our research method is concerned with inferential procedures. That is to say, information that we obtained can be used to make inference about a much larger set of measurements called population (OTT 1988). Three health practitioners with a minimum of ten years of experience formed our sample. Relevant to our research method, this sample is also valid and reliable. By relevance, we mean that our sample is representative of the entire population where that particular health practitioner is operating. The rationale for the representation of our sample is that each of the three health practitioners of our sample has had experience with hundreds of diabetics. Validity itself implies that our research method is linked to the aim of the study. Since our research method is appropriate to the purposes of the study, we might as well conclude to the reliability of the research.

Deductive and Inductive Methods

The deductive and inductive methods sustained by qualitative and quantitative approach have been alternatively applied. The rationale for undertaking the deductive and inductive design is that we first considered our research questions and then found evidence through correlations generating other hypotheses for further studies. However, our research questions do not call for data or information that is mutually qualitative and quantitative in nature that would justify the use of these two approaches.

Procedures for Testing our Research Questions

The testing procedures first considered our ind...

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Since this study is not patient-oriented, but a practitioner-oriented research, respondents were encouraged to provide us with any valuable information they have acquired through their practices. This information was integrated into our analyses of the results whenever we had reasons to believe they had a bearing on the study. The best time to telephone each prospective respondent was known in advance. These established procedures were appropriate for best data collection.

The Expected Time to Complete the Interviews

About two weeks were necessary for interview completion. Contingent factors, such as mood of the respondent at the time he or she was met or called for the interview, his or her schedule for a given day or week were taken into account.

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