Research Study on E-Recruitment and Organizational Performance in Telecom Industry

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“Every sector, every job, every function, was, is or will be disrupted by Internet” stated Kalika in 2000. The revolution is undertaking in a HR (Human Resource) sector. In August 2007, Monster France had more than 3 million CVs on their list. The HR Functions ought to be deal with four conflicting pressures (Lepak & Snell, 1998). All together, it is necessary for the HR to be planned, elastic, efficient, and customer-oriented. Certain researchers suggested that the use of technology may enable HR department to achieve these goals. There is a critical role of recruitment in enhancing organizational continued existence and success. The developments in technology provide organizations to recruit personnel by using internet. Recruitment plays a critical role in enhancing organizational survival and success. In spite of the fact that significance of e-recruitment is increasing, research in this area remains very limited. A review of current literature shows that the exercise of the Internet and thus Internet technology is transforming (Kinder 2000).Some of the researchers say that internet is modernizing the way to hire the job applicants for the human resource department(Hansen 1998). Furthermore, the present literatures review in the e-recruitment areas United States of America (USA) is the center of attention instead of on European and Asian countries. It might be because of the reason that the e-recruitment topic is relatively fresh in these countries; the information becomes rapidly out of date because of the change and the spread of technological practices in USA (Bartram2000). From the last ten years, the internet recruitment is adopted by many of the organizations. However, yet it has not become as dominant as many of the r... ... middle of paper ... ...tal, H.G. and Tannebaum, S. (1990), Human Resource Information Systems: Development and Application, PWS-Kent, Boston, MA. Lin, C.Y.Y. (1997), “Human resource management in Taiwan: a future perspective”, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 8, pp. 29-43. Santo, B.L.D. and Kuzmits, F.E. (1997), “The internet: a key tool for today’s human resource professional”, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Vol. 62, pp. 33-9. Karakanian, M. (2000), “Are human resources departments ready for e-HR?”, Information Systems Management, Vol. 17, pp. 35-9. Swart, J. and Kinnie, N. (2003), “Sharing knowledge in knowledge-intensive firms”, Human Resource Management Journal, Vol. 13 No. 2, pp. 60-75. Ardichvili, A. (2002), “Knowledge management, human resource development, and internet technology”, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Vol. 4, pp. 451-63.

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