Research Report on Nintendo Video Games

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Nintendo has been a video game company that has revolutionized video games for years. It has been a mascot for all video game companies. There are still some things that people don’t know about this company. They were the things that brought Nintendo to where it is today. Back in the 1890s Nintendo was born. Of course it was just a card company. It was ruled by many people. It had a very big market in Japan. Due to its popularity lots of people actually liked the company. With it only selling n Japan it still made a profit. As I said how it was ruled by many people. I meant that many people ruled it, but they all got old or even died. Than that is when the main ruler came in that ruled our company until 2013. This person name had been Hiroshi Yamauchi. This man kept the company on track. He made it were Nintendo was the first company to produce cards out of plastic. They even struck a deal with Disney. Sadly they had to use a small office. After they made their contact with Disney they sold lots of cards. The company than saw how well the toy companies were doing. They knew that th...

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