Research Report On Food Coloring

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Method Participants: Eight males and nine females volunteered to participate in this study that lasted approximately 5-10 mins. The participants ' age ranged from 18 years old to 51 years old. The participants were selected from family and friends and did not receive any compensation. Every participant was asked if they had normal/correct vision, so they would perceive colors the same way. Materials: A one page survey containing six colors ( red, black, green, pink, brown, and yellow) was used (see appendix A). The survey had scores 1 to 5, 1 being labeled as the least sweet and 5 being labeled as the most sweet. Six transparent plastic cups containing 4 oz of purified water were also needed to complete this study. In addition, food coloring (McCormick Brand) with the same colors as the survey was also used and poured to the water. Two tablespoons of sugar were also required for this study. Every cup contained the same amount of water, (4 oz) sugar (2 tbsp) and food coloring (1 tbsp) in order to have controlled results. Procedure: To collect the data needed for this study, ...

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