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This chapter offers the research methodology and approaches used. Additionally, pilot survey and data analysis, collection of data, population, setting, the research process and design, sample and its processes, methods and organization.
3.1.0 Survey questionnaire
According to Saunders, ET al. (2007) Questionnaires comprise of open and closed- ended questions, or either of the two. In an open-ended question, the respondent(s) are permitted to offer personal responses while the in the closed-ended question the respondent(s) is provided with a list of options to choose a response from. In this study, the closed ended question technique has been applied.
3.1.1Components of the questionnaire
The questionnaire contains a series of questions linked to the demographic information of the employees. This comprises of common data concerning sex (Male/Female), age, and marital status, salary after tax deduction per month, academic background, and managerial positions in the bank and working experience within the bank.
It also comprises of 14 statements which are created and founded on Nelson’s (2001) literature. These statements analyse if the ten points highlighted by Nelson (2001) demonstrate to be the driving source of motivation for the employees in Union bank.

The research design is the phase targeted at designing the study in a manner where by important data can be collected and analyzed to reach a result. (Sekaran, 2003)
The research design in this study was created following a number of choices related with the reason/purpose of the topic.
According to Sekaran, (2003) the population of a research shows all the various group of individu...

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...n to the respondents of the research
(2) Respondents must partake of his or her own accord
(3) Respondents must only partake based his or her permission.
One major duty of this research was to treat the data collected from employees as confidential. The purpose of this research was clarified to the employees of Union bank before carrying out the research by giving the bank cover letters in advance. During this research it was of top priority not to disrupt the employee’s self-worth as well as their self-esteem.
During the data collection several encounters were faced. One of such was the failure of the employees to give the actual situation of things due to fear of being oppressed.
In addition, also the regular stopover to the bank to ensure that respondents were answering the questionnaires was observed as intimidating.
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