Research Question 2: How Employers Encourage Work-Life Balance Strategies

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Research Question Two: How Employers Encourage Work-Life Balance Strategies
The strategies employers offered to help employees achieve work-life balance varied dependent on the type of company and the resources available. Some companies have policies designed to encourage the balance, while other have yet to take action. Six strategies employers should consider are supportive work cultures, organization leave, flexible work arrangements, work from home, on-site childcare, and technology use.
Work culture. Companies are able to retain trained employees through work cultures that are supportive of work-life balance. For instance, many women are concerned that they will find themselves on the outside of the workplace social circle or overlooked for a promotion because they have decided to start a family. Because of this, pregnant and new mothers may choose to leave the workforce if they feel excluded from the group or feel torn between work and life responsibilities. Slaughter (2012) stated, “Losing smart and motivated women not only diminishes a company’s talent pool; it also reduces the return on its investment in training and mentoring” (p. 101).
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This is when a company gives the employee time off for parental leave, maternity leave, family leave, sick leave, and/or vacation time (Slaughter, 2012; Zheng et al., 2015). Bird (2006) suggested one way to do this is by having a communication free vacation. This is when the employee unplugs from their working environment by turning off work related items such as email, cell phones, and computers. It is problematic when employees take time off from work but still answer their phone to field work calls. By doing this, the employee does not decompress or remove the job related responsibilities or stress. Working while you are supposed to be on vacation can cause tension in the home (Kossek, Thompson, & Lautsch, 2015). Likewise, tension at home can affect an employee’s focus at

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