Research Project Acknowledgments

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First and foremost, my deepest appreciation goes to my supervisors Dr. Hermann Moisl and Professor Claire Lamont. If it had not been for their knowledge, persistence, and kindness, this work would never have been completed. I am under a considerable obligation to express here a feeling which may not appear in the sequel: my deepest sense of gratitude to them both for unforgettable experiences and unlimited support. It was Dr. Moisl who first introduced me to the world of computational linguistics and has since then been a great source of inspiration. I deeply appreciate the many challenges he has put me through over the last four years from teaching classes, revising papers, writing algorithms, and training how to use software. He has created for me he best environment to develop my research and to get experience with statistics and computational systems. And it was Professor Lamont whose comments have greatly improved the literary content of this thesis. As an expert of 19th century English literature, she provided me with many good ideas, inspired others in me, and helped me refine...
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