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Research in the criminal justice field is important as it may help identify problem areas and also identify those that need improvement. Also, research may also be conducted to establish policy and principles that can be used as preventive measures. Furthermore, research sets the base for policy making as the implementation provides the opportunity for government agencies to work and operate.

According to Garrison, “criminal justice research intends to interpret why crime occurs and in what ways the research could benefit crime reduction” (2009). All in all, criminal justice research has a strong, positive impact on how law enforcement agencies can fight crime and in turn, help reduce the use of financial means, other and provide guidance in doing the job in a correct manner. Furthermore, Garrison explains, “research conducted in regards to implementing criminal justice policy must guide the moral and ethical standards of the criminal justice system and field” (2009). In research, a theory may be used to understand and find reasons why something occurs and how it negatively and positively impacts society.

Research plays an important role in finding out ways that can be more effective and productive regarding certain types of crimes. In fact, most of the information gathered by crime reporting agencies such as the National Crime Victimization Survey is obtained by those people who were victims of a crime, be it a misdemeanor or a felony. Unfortunately, some of these crimes may escalate in to more aggressive and violent offenses. Equally, research helps us become better learners in the academic world.

Criminal justice and security management research impact public policy by setting standards regarding how the laws, money s...

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...differences in cooperation both from the aggressor and the victim leading to the conclusion that arrests could in fact reduce the number of spousal abuse cases at a national level." The research done by Sherman & Berk does stand as a challenging but positive experiment to provide a convincing force that domestic violence is a very serious and violent crime that not only affects the spouse but also the immediate family members such as children.

In conclusion, domestic violence has been a violent crime that has been long underreported. Regrettably, this type of crime affects the victim both physically and psychologically. Women have been the subject most researched regarding domestic violence. But, do men who are victims of domestic violence speak out and report being abused? Or , do men hold back due to embarrassment and the stigmas associated with "man" mentality?
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