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Same sex marriage has been a controversial issue for many years and continues to be a highly debated topic in government and religious debates. Marriage equality is a human right and should not be managed by religion or government; everyone deserves to go through the joys of marriage. In the past, religion was highly involved in marriage but in modern times, religion and marriage have become more separate. So far, seventeen states and seventeen countries have legalized same sex marriages. Many people, worldwide, are in support of marriage equality and the many states fighting for equality shows the growing acceptance for it. It is becoming a permanent part of American Culture. Same sex marriage should be legalized in the United States because marriage is a right everyone deserves, marriage should not be limited by religion, and marriage diversity is becoming common.
Same sex marriage is a controversial issue that brings up debate which stems from court cases, mentions of the bible, and the use of an outdated meaning of marriage. Courts cases that focus on whether or not same sex marriages should be legal are common in the modern era but these cases began in the latter half of the twentieth century. The beginnings of these cases began in 1971 with Jack Baker and Mike McConell who attempted to reach legal marriage status but were met with denial (Crehan and Rickenbacker, n.pag.); however, many cases have followed in the fight for marriage equality. They were the first homosexual couple that attempted to get married and they believed it would be granted since there was no legal justification stating that their marriage request was against the law. In December of 1990, three couples fought for legal marital status by sending appli...

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