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William Pitt the Younger was born on May 28, 1759, in Kent, England. The younger Pitt was the fourth of five children born to William Pitt the Elder and his wife Lady Hester Grenville. William was always the favorite son of Pitt the Elder. His father was appointed Earl of Chatham in 1766. As a result this, William’s political status later in life was affected by his father’s previous position.

Pitt was a fragile, sickly child, and inherited gout. Gout is a form of arthritis that causes sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints. Because of his multiple illness’, he was homeschooled. By the age of seven, William was advanced in all his subjects, and already fluent in Latin. William had in extraordinary understanding of all subjects taught to him, and was willing to learn anything new.

Pitt’s father observed how his son had excelled, and decided the time had come for young William to have a chance to go even farther with his studies. Therefore in 1773, at the age of fourteen, William Pitt the Younger was set to attend school in Pembroke Hall at Cambridge University. He graduated with a Master’s degree, without examination, in 1776.

In 1773, during his first year at school Pitt suffered an attack of gout and a bottle of port a day as the cure. Port is the most toxic of all wines and the prescribed remedy probably exacerbated the problem. Pitt was only fourteen years old but he continued to drink throughout his life. While he was at university Pitt became friends with high members of society which also allowed him to excel in his political career. During his studies Pitt would attend parliament meetings. Pitt apparently was preparing himself for a role in parliament. On one occasion he was introduced to Charl...

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... 23. Pitt drank heavily and died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of forty-six. His debts amounted to £40,000, they were paid by the nation, pensions were granted to his three nieces, and a public funeral was voted, which was carried out on February 22 in Westminster Abbey.

Pitt had an image of strictness and appeared to have manners that were disgusting. He trained himself present himself with calmness and self-control. Most his supporters admired and obeyed him but were not fond of his personality. Men found him and the king felt far more comfortable with anyone else. Pitt had few intimate friends but he did enjoy company, he spent a great deal of his spare time with the younger members of parliament. Almost the whole of Pitt's life was spent in parliament, he was Prime Minister for almost nineteen years out of the twenty-five years he served in parliament.
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