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William Shakespeare was such an intriguing writer. Shakespeare is arguably one of the most famous poet’s in the English language. During what was thought to be the last poem that Shakespeare wrote on all his own, the Tempest, the set of the play is on a deserted island. A loud clap of lightning and thunder were heard all around. Fear sets in as winds gush and the seas roar. “'Mercy on us!'-- 'We split, we split!'--'Farewell, my wife and children!'-- 'Farewell, brother!'--'We split, we split, we split!'” these were the cries heard while the storm rocked the ship back and forth. A sorcerer known as Prospero, conjures up an artificial storm which sank his boat in attempt to prove to his daughter, Miranda, that she is actually a princess. Prospero was once the Duke of Milan until his brother, Antonio, betrayed him and stole his crown.…show more content…
In fact, studying the art of magic is what got him into trouble in the first place. Prospero received books from a man who then regretted giving them to him due to the type of leader Prospero became. He used his magic in all ways good and bad. While Prospero's nose was buried in his extensive books full of magic tricks is when his crown was stolen. After being very distraught, he made his number one goal in life his magic which led him down many different paths. Prospero uses his talent of magic to be used as a sense of power. He manipulates things in different situations so he can get his way. It is thought that William Shakespeare used Prospero as his own character. It is not known exactly if Shakespeare believed in magic, but it seems that way during the Tempest. Maybe Shakespeare used magic as power so he gets his way and sort of demands respect and whatever he
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