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Social media sites have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years. It is fun to post pictures and statuses about future events and exciting things to do. It is easier for people to communicate over the Internet. These sites have a downfall, though. Studies have also shown that as social media increases, so does depression. These sites can be fun but they have very negative aspects to them and teens do not go unaffected by the faults. Kids post about what they are out doing and others feel the need to go out and do something, too. It raises the question of fear of missing out. Celebrities also use their accounts which can be followed by anybody. Teens end up constantly comparing themselves to celebrities’ appearances and bright, outgoing personalities. Studies have also shown that cyber bullying has become a much bigger problem with the growth of internet usage. All of these different things having to do with social media have led to kids feeling depressed, ugly, and alone. The use of social media has increased depression in today’s teenagers.
On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people post pictures and statuses of what they are doing. Documenting every move has become something of a fad. Just sitting at home, trying to relax can be stressful because with all these posts, people can see a bunch of things that they could or should be doing. Am I missing out? This is a question that haunts the mind of every teenager who tries to sit at home and read a book rather than go out to a party with friends. This is a major problem because it is not events, parties, and how many friends they have that defines a person. Teenagers need to take the time to sit and relax and do some self-realization. Often ti...

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... constantly compare themselves to others. When kids feel they can’t make themselves be like the pretty famous people online- that’s when eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia come about to try to deal with their depression. Third, teen suicide and depression has increased because cyber bullying over social media sites has hit an all-time high. Social media should be limited to teenagers to improve mental health, overall.
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