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Spend, Spend, Spend Anyone living in a more developed country has walked into a shopping mall at some point in their life. People usually walk in to buy merchandise or just to hang out with friends. One thing that you will notice when at the mall, people always walk out of there with their hands full of items they just bought. It is very rare that someone walks in and out of the mall without buying anything. Shopping malls have mastered the way in which they persuade the average passerby to get interested in the products that they offer. One method in which shops in malls use in order to attract customers is to place discounted items in the front of their stores, usually at the doors. In this way, the average person will see an item…show more content…
Popular sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday give people a reason to crowd into a store and buy as much as possible. An item could originally be very overpriced, but since there is a crazy Black Friday deal going on people are tricked into thinking that they just snagged the best deal possible. These major sale events also add another factor that give people the incentive to want to pick up some items. These sales usually come with a “but”. They give you the chance of getting a good deal but only if you make it in time, because of course there is only a specific amount of items that are available for the sale. This adds a sort of competition between people and usually in competitions people always want to win. In order to win in the competition that is buying stuff, people have to arrive early to get in the line at stores to even have a chance of getting the deals they want. People go all out for these sorts of events. They make lists of what they want, they print out maps of the stores and make paths on where they want to go through. People even form groups and spread out between stores in order to get everything their heart desires. This of course is amazing advertising for stores for even after these sales are over people will still be interested in these…show more content…
They have started to introduce new types of entertainment. They add things like roller skating rinks and mini golf courses. This adds a variety of activities that someone can experience while visiting their local shopping mall. Malls are designed to get you to walk around and explore. Stores are strategically place for people to walk from one end to the other. Big retailers are placed as far away from each other in order to get people to walk farther and farther to reach other stores. As people are walking to their desired stores they look around at the various stores that they are passing by and with the use of huge, eye appealing posters, they become interested in sales going on in other stores. This specific scenario leads to the conclusion that the more stores a customer walks buy the more of a chance that person has of buying an item on the way to their

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