Research Paper On Martin Luther And The Datin Church

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Martin Luther 's, a Catholic monk, problem with the Latin Church is he believed they weren’t true Christians and were doing things unbiblical. Luther believed getting into Heaven was that the only way to get into Heaven was through to have faith and love in God. He also believed a process the Catholica would use called purchasing indulgences. Indulgences was paying a fee to get yourself or a loved one out of purgatory and into heaven but it really was basically a fundraiser. Luther believed it took money from the poor who needed it needlessly. The Church also had a high price on viewing relics again for the same power the money was to build the Catholic Church but it was taught to be to get closer to God. Luther was devoted to finding…show more content…
His first trip to Rome he watched the poor grovel and beg, some not having food to eat but digging up their money to pay for indulgences. Luther could not stand by and let this happen because he saw indulgences as false salvation. Pope Leo X declared anyone who would pay a certain fee would get into heaven he decided to sell indulgences in order to rebuild or renovate St. Peter 's Basilica and John Tezel, a monk, was hired sent to Germany to collect. Luther felt that they were taking advantage of poor, uneducated people so Luther wrote Pope Leo X a letter of his grievances and why. This didn’t go over well because you don’t go against the Catholic Church you stay silent. The Roman Catholic Church held the power and the money. They could declare Wars, they were advisors to the King, they had the final say to all things. Pope Leo X did not respond to Martin Luther 's letter so Luther wrote 95 Theses in 1517 against the sale of Indulgences and nailed them to the door at Wittenberg Castle. This is where the one advantage Luther. The German printing press got a hold of the 95 Thesis and spread it around everywhere for all to see. Of Course the church demanded he repents and recants what…show more content…
Some assumed his was martyred at the time and it gave them an opportunity to revolt. Luther 's teachings made them question the church and they demanded their rights from their Lords. They also wanted to abolish tithes and the release from serfdom . They were seeing economic prosperity was not coming their way at all. They were led by Thomas Muntzer. This marked the start of the breakdown of the feudal system. 100,000 people died from the Peasants War, made economic situations worse and Luther was strongly against killing and called there was unchristian like and barbaric. 100 years after Martin Luther would be many religious wars. The most deadly was the 30-year war that was fought between the French and the German over religion and territory. Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War in 1648, renewing the Peace of
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