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Interview with a Tourist A person who visits an area that he or she has never been to before or does not live in this place permanently is considered a tourist. Many people are considered tourists because they decide to visit places which they have either heard stories of may be visiting since they have read interesting things about the place and want to enjoy it as well. The tourist in this essay is originally from India, and has relatives living in California, U.S.A. Her sister is a neighbor to the interviewer and it was an honor for her to accept to do the interview and therefore it was important to be sensitive and also ensure the tourist is comfortable throughout the process. The opportunity this tourist has bestowed upon me to interview…show more content…
It is among the largest countries in the Asian continent. She came to visit her family whom she said she had not seen for about three years. She has a job back in India and has been saving money to enable her to travel to the U.S. She states that India is a very big country and that she resides in Madras a city in the Tamil Nadu State. The dominant language in India is English and Hindi but she also states that she can also speak Tamil. There are also other languages such as Telugu and Malayalam which are also spoken by people in her state but are not considered as dominant languages. Some common gestures that most people from India most common do is the rocking of the head from side to side. Most often when people are having a conversation you will notice this which most times is an indication of saying yes of being in agreement what the other person is stating. Varsha indicates also that there is more use of gestures where the use of hands, head, and hips is common especially when dances or folk songs are being performed. Tourist offered to give the interviewer a movie from her home country which had much dancing and thereby having a better perspective of what she was

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