Research Paper On Homosexuality By John Corvino

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John Corvino creates a great response to a very talked about and controversial topic: Is being homosexual wrong (specifically those who act on their homosexual urges)? In Corvino’s article, he breaks down the potential arguments people use against homosexuality and proves how those arguments are not strong enough to prove that homosexuality is immoral. The arguments that are used against homosexuality and that are addressed in this article are the most common arguments used to prove that homosexuality is immoral. Corvino gives some of the arguments the key factors they use to validate their points just so that he can use those factors against them. This is a very important topic to discuss because it has limited individual 's rights in today…show more content…
It 's easy to say that people do not share the same beliefs and therefore may not share the same morals. That being said, there are plenty of people who are homosexual that live their lives as catholics, christians, etc. So if we do keep in mind that there are people who do believe in the practices and ideas of these religions, then they must know that what they are doing is immoral under their God right? Corvino brings up a valid point that we are not supposed to touch pig but most of us have consumed pork or a product that uses pork several times throughout our lives. He actually uses this with his example of slaves to point out how the context was interpreted differently because of the time period and that the moral beliefs have changed. That is most definitely an excellent point. But let us give the arguer the side that they are right and that it is wrong under biblical teachings, even today, that people succumb to their homosexual desires and that they live a lifestyle as a homosexual. But can we say that they are being immoral? Yes, maybe they are not completely practicing what they believe but they are not moral accountable for all their actions, just like hetersexuals are not morally accountable for their all actions. In the King James version of the bible, James 2:10 states that, “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one, he is guilty of all”. So if it is decided that homosexual sex is immoral because it 's breaking a law in the bible, then we must continue to point out every immoral action a hetersexual person carries out in their day-to-day lives. In biblical terms, they too would be immoral for many things that we would otherwise consider not morally right or wrong (sex before marriage, lying even if it 's necessary, being lazy, etc). Many people would argue back saying that some sins that is committed are accidental or without
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