Research Paper On Gregor Mendel

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Addie Grace Phillips
Mr. Sanders
9th Grade Biology
January 28, 2017
“Gregor Mendel” Gregor Mendel, born as Johann Mendel, is considered to be one of the most significant historic scientist of all time. He was an Austrian scientist and monk and is best known as the “Father of Modern Genetics.” He founded the science of genetics and discovered many things that dealt with heredity that still applies to our world today. He is remembered for paving the way for scientists and future generations to come. Unfortunately, Mendel’s work went unnoticed until 16 years after his death and 34 years after he published his research. Though Mendel lay covered in his grave, his work would eventually be uncovered. Although Mendel was not there to see it,
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This caused financial hardships on Mendel’s family. It was also difficult to say goodbye but they did it for the sake of his future. However, he excelled at his studies and eventually graduated with honors in 1840. Following graduation, he went to the University of Olomouc. Here he studied philosophy and physics. Once again, Mendel proved he was very bright and academically capable of many things. However, during this time Mendel was suffering with depression which took a toll on his emotional state. It affected the way he was learning so he abandoned his studies. This was only for a short period of time. Mendel graduated from the University in 1843. Against his father’s will, Mendel began studying to be a priest. He joined the Augustinian Abbey of St. Thomas in Brno as a monk. He thought taking the name ‘Gregor’ was appropriate since he was entering the religious field. In 1849, he was tired of his work in Brno. He was then sent to fulfill a temporary teaching position. Unfortunately, he failed a required teaching certification exam. Thankfully for the monastery’s expense, he was sent to the University of Vienna so he could continue his studies in the sciences. There he studied mathematics and physics under the famous Christian Doppler. The Doppler effect of wave frequency is named after Christian Doppler. He…show more content…
He seemed insignificant in his time on Earth. But what would we do without his time on Earth? Without Mendel’s contributions the basic information regarding genetics could still be unknown. We also would not have this valuable information in our science books to look back at either. It would leave everyone curious and confused at how traits could be passed down. How weird it would be in 2017 to not know how you got your blue eyes or blonde hair. It’s always fun to try and predict which parent a baby will look more like. With Mendel’s findings, we can do that. With his discoveries in his experiments, we understand how genetics and heredity work. He spent a good portion of his life experimenting and making observations that are useful to our world today. So much has been learned from Mendel’s findings. We learned how traits can be passed down and inherited through generations and much more. Mendel also inspired other scientists to further Mendel’s research. Mendel is an inspiration to scientists all over the world. It’s crazy how he changed from being an unknown scientist to one of the greatest. He can definitely be described as persistent. He presented his work and published it but he was rejected and his work went unnoticed all his life. He still continued to conduct experiments and his hard work eventually paid off even though he wasn’t there to see it. Mendel was a man of confidence,
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