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REL2000 Final Paper Religion is a topic that many has very different thoughts and opinion, but this paper is about how each religion view the "end of the world". When asked what is "The end of the world" to people from different religion we have crazy responses like the world will blow up when times come. Other responses are "god will come save us", "there is no end of the world. The "end of the world" is view as the termination of life on planet earth. There will be a couple of different religions that I will talk about their viewing on the end of the world. There are Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Islam. Christians are taught from little that Jesus Christ is their one and only king, there is nobody else like him. They also were…show more content…
God choose to create the world and to take the world when it is time to end it. He created us anyway out of his magnificent love. “I have love you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3). That is crazy because he had love you before he had even created you. Jesus Christ is supposed to come save them from this world that is full of sin and evil and take them to the afterlife known as “heaven”. When does the world end for Christianity? Christians believe in the word of the bible sayings. It states in the bible that “know the day or the hour” (Matthew 25). They do not try to ask Jesus when is he coming or either ask him to give clues or signs of his coming to earth. In the bible from (Matthew 24) it is told that he tell his people and disciples that they will be certain events that will happen on earth when he comes back. Some of these signs that will happen will be earthquakes, false prophets, wars breaking out from everywhere, drought of food and water. The most important one will be the hardening of hearts. The heart is the key piece that Jesus Christ looks at and what is in the inside of it. It means how have you live your lifestyle on earth, where you a sinner or liar, did you did…show more content…
Sikhism is the fifth largest faith in the world (CNN Religion Data Collection Database) 9, this religion is mostly practiced in India but during the years have travel to other outer countries and states. . People might get confused and think Sikhism came from India because they are the ones who practice it the most, but it is originally from Punjab in the South Asia region. Sikhism was part of the Hinduism religion but broke off from them because of a certain issue. They broke off because, off the caste system they had reject. Sikhism first of all is a monotheistic religion, which is believing in a single all powerful god. Sikhism put all their beliefs and faith in Guru Granth Sahid. That it their god who has a collection of teachings and writings by Guru Nanak. There are others like Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim saints. Most of the scriptures are written in Punjabi and are greatly respected by all the followers of Sikhism. They do not believe in the end of the world. They have no beliefs that the world will catch on fire or someday it will explode. The only thing that this religion believe in the afterlife known to them as “reincarnation”. Out of all the beliefs in Sikhism reincarnation is one of their strongest and most beliefs. They believe like all animals and humans have a soul and our soul goes through different life forms until we purify it to become one with god. It’s crazy to believe that once

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