Research Paper On Ellis Island

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Ellis island, what was once one of the world’s most important gateways to America remains a visiting site for visitors. Ellis island has many long but interesting history. Located in the bay near New York city, it was the gateway to many immigrants from all over the world. One of the first things that you would see as you pass through the gateway to a better life is the statue of liberty, standing strong and proud. Ellis island was also a big risk to take. In this essay, you will know why as well as many other interesting facts. Ellis island was officially opened and ready for passengers to come in 1982. The first person to ever enter the United states through Ellis island was Annie Moore. During Ellis Island’s years of operations, over…show more content…
If you want to do it right, you should follow these steps. When you first arrive through boat after examining the Statue of Liberty and saying “WOW!”, you are asked to go onto the piers. You then continue forwards through the piers which you will then be waiting to get a name tag. The men was also expected to be separated from their families. After all of the sad but hopeful comments, you would go up the stairs to the great hall where all of the exams come in. Waiting in long lines were very common due to the many immigrants that had the same idea as you to immigrate here. The first exam would be a simple check about things like your breathing, and heart rate. They would then ask to have an interpreter come to aid the doctor in checking you but the scariest part is the chalk. Yes, the all might chalk. One strike from it will cause you to go to quarantine or be deported. Let's say that you were to get marked. You would them be separated even more to have more checks. If the problem was curable, they would get sent to the hospital. If that never happened to you, you would continue forwards through the great hall where the verbal/speaking inspection took place. You would be asked a series of question to see if you have “mental problems”. This was also the part where you last name could change. If you failed/couldn’t answer all of the questions in that part, you would have to be isolated in what seems like a really long detention. That is because if it happened to you, you’ll literally have nothing to do. If you passed everything with no problems then, great job! You have officially passed everything and you are on the urge of becoming an official U.S. citizen. You go the your designated area and pick up your baggage, regroup/separate with your family, and do other need like currency exchange. Sadly, there is a high chance that you won’t pass all of the test, but don’t let
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