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Amina Buchanan Professor Christopher Death and Life of Malcolm September 26, 2017 Death and Life of Malcolm X Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965 he lived a short life of 40 years. Since his childhood, Malcolm always thought he too would die violently. The threats against him were serious towards Malcolm's life. Even two weeks before his assassination he was offered protec-tion by the top commander that his life would be in imminent danger. Malcolm declined the of-fer. Malcolm showed little fear of death. He did close to nothing to protect himself, knowing the threats to his life. Malcolm X reacted to these threats as though it already happened, in his words, “It was destined to be so”. There were always one or two policeman that followed any event that Malcom X held speeches. Malcom had to deliver a speech at the Audubon Ballroom. He directed the guards for all guests to not be search for weapons before they came in. In addi-tion he urged the guards to leave all firearms at home. Even though a few policeman ignored his demands. On this day he wanted to deliver a speech on the liberation of blacks in America. As Malcolm came closer to his speech his anxiety grew more. Malcolm X had two guest speeches but they didn't show up. Before then Malcolm house was bombed while his family and wife were asleep. He felt…show more content…
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