Research Paper On Criminal Justice Ethics

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389 words

I believe that criminal justice ethics pertains to morals and values. Society has a general sense of what is right and wrong. This can apply very differently to many different professions and to life in general. Criminal justice careers allow a lot of discretion, which can test morals and values. Judges, police officers, probation officers, all have discretion. Everyone is unique to his or her morals and values and this can change how they react in a situation. Unfaithfulness to a spouse is a general ethical issue. Cheating is not a crime, but is frowned upon by many people. Some may find being unfaithful to a spouse horribly wrong, and others may not. Some professions simply will not have the same situations as others. There are many

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the subject of ethics is a huge problem in the criminal justice system.

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