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Charles Manson Macabre is interesting. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s “disturbing because of association with death”. It’s interesting because some people don’t feel it and others have a constant fear of it. Serial killers obviously cause macabre in some people, but others find it truly fascinating. Do you know the story of Charles Manson? The full story, his childhood, his past? He had an interesting childhood, to say the least. He was born to a single mother who was, according to online sources, was fifteen when he was born. When Charles was 5 years old his Mother and Uncle were sentenced to 5 years in jail for a brutal but botched robbery. He was sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle until his Mother got out of jail.…show more content…
When he broke out of the school, he tried to go back to his mother, but she wouldn’t accept him. He committed many crimes during his childhood. Most of them were robberies. Later on he began to steal cars. Eventually, he married Rosalie Jean Willis and they had a child together. He was in prison when the son was born, Charles Manson Jr. Rosalie and Charles’ mother visited him frequently, they lived together at the time. One day his wife stopped visiting him. His mother told him that she had moved in with another man. He had a parole hearing coming up. Presumably, out of anger that his wife had left him, he tried to steal a car and escape. This was only two weeks before his parole hearing. His parole was denied, and he was given five years…show more content…
Wilson helped pave that way for recording sessions for Manson. The two of them treated the Manson Women like servants. He paid for recording sessions for Manson. He also paid for several other things. (They spent nearly $100,000 of his money in just two months!) Wilson’s manager eventually kicked them out. When they got kicked out they moved to a place called Spahn Ranch.
The Manson women acted as seeing-eye women for the nearly-blind 80 year old man who ran the ranch. Manson also had one of the women occasionally have sex with the elderly man, because of this, the man let them stay at Spahn Ranch for free. The “Family” members also did helpful work around the ranch. Soon, a man named Charles “Tex” Watson joined the “Family”. Later, Manson began to preach about something he called Helter Skelter.
Tex and Charles visited some friends of theirs in Topanga Canyon. Their friends played them “The Beatles” new album. Charles became obsessed with the album and with The Beatles. He began to preach that their song named Helter Skelter, was about the “Impending Race War”. They moved into two houses in Death Valley, to prepare for Helter Skelter. He coined the term Helter Skelter for the song. (Oddly humorous to think that they started killing while living in Death Valley.) He eventually became so obsessed with the album that he picked apart many of the songs. Eventually, he decided that the entire album was
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