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In a 2012 survey of high school students 72% admitted to consuming alcohol (more than just a few sips), 37% claimed to have done it by 8th grade. (11 Facts about Teens and Alcohol) President Reagan in 1982 established the Presidents Commission Against Drunk Driving (PCDD). It was created to try and reduce the number of deaths on the road related to alcohol. This group’s main goal was to raise the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) to 21. In 1984 President Reagan signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. This act made it so any state that didn’t follow the new MLDA would lose millions of dollars in federal funding. By 1988 all states had raised their MLDA to 21. As a result of this the number of deaths related to alcohol had declined by large amounts. (Legal Age 21) The MLDA in America has been a controversial topic for a very long time, but it should go back to eighteen years old as the legal drinking age.
There are a lot of pros that people can argue for changing the MLDA back to 18 years old. The first and most common is that 18 is the official adulthood age in the United States. At the age of 18 you are allowed to vote, buy tobacco products, rent a hotel room, you also have to register for the draft in the US military, finally if you commit a serious crime you can go to prison. If the age was lowered to 18 it would create safer environments for younger drinkers. If the age was lowered teens would go out to bars and nightclubs where alcohol consumption can be monitored. It would help reduce the amount of underage drinking and driving accidents. Accidents themselves are the most common thing among new legal drinkers disregarding the MLDA. In facts there are fewer drunken driving accidents and fatalities in c...

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...a new type of freedom at age 18 and it is probably not a good idea to make it legal for them to consume alcohol. Also many people believe that if you allow such young people to drink that it may encourage them to try different things such as drugs. This could be very hard to say or judge but in some cases it can be true.
The MLDA is at age 21 and based of the facts of people it will never be lowered again. The pros and cons of the MLDA both lean towards keeping it at the age of 21. Everything about the MLDA is very controversial and it should go back to 18 but the evidence supporting the age of 21 is to strong to change it back anytime soon. Also with all of the interest groups such as MADD, PCDD and law enforcement really focusing on drunk driving and underage drinking, the people in charge would be morally wrong to lower the MLDA back to 18 years old.
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