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4.1 Gender mainstreaming in Jordan – the purpose and the mechanism of the National Strategy for Women in Jordan 2012 -2015

The National Strategy for Women in Jordan, 2012-2015, has been written and implemented in order to maintain achievements made already by Jordanian society for women, and to make more accessible their step to resources and rights that constitution granted them. Another goal of the strategy was to raise the status of women and to emancipate them and encourage society to invest in their capabilities. The elimination of all forms of discrimination is another goal underlined in the strategy`s pages, and also in legislations, in different programmes, national budgets to support their equity. There is no doubt that positive effects happened for the status of women, as they wish equal participation in all aspects of life, social, political, economic, cultural. Women need protection against poverty and violence and this need is one of the main axis of the strategy. This strategy is the most significant task of the Jordanian National Commission for Women Affairs, the national body presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal, and works to modernize it periodically not only as working doctrine but also to refresh it with women`s experiences. The strategy is a tool for consultations and expertise for official and non official organisations. The national commission prepares reports and analysis including gender perspectives, and is searching solutions collaborating with concerned institutions in Jordan. The strategy is the result of international statistics, reports and studies and has been written to merge gender in various levels of public and private institutions.
During the last decade Jordan has taken imp...

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...nd equal opportunities between the two sexes.
• The cumulative achievements assessed by the women movement and necessity of building over it.
• Benefiting from the area of freedom and democracy to work for raising the women status generally.
• The need to secure the transparent and sensitive statistics to the social gender in different life fields and sectors related to woman and her empowerment as possessing these digital indications will help in leading policies, decision making, setting plans and designing programs and projects according to the real needs of women.
• The available opportunities for women reach to justice and the role of organizations of civil community which are concerned with providing programs and services in this field.
• The infrastructure of the information technology and communication sector and the huge capabilities secured by this sector
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