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Gender based efforts to counter female suicide terrorism Fragile and vulnerable societies register growing participation of women in suicide terrorism as a will of liberation and a status equal to that of men. This requires suitable efforts to prevent women to be part in terrorist organizations. Meaningful efforts have been made but we continue to face significant terrorist threats. Adversaries have shown how agile and adaptive is the terrorist thinking, acting as an umbrella for small groups and adherent cells. Constantly efforts made by national states and supra-state entities, were focused to monitor other states where are likely conditions for individuals to become radicalized, where dominates autocratic governance, lack of economic prospects and lack of educational opportunities. This is a macro level to counter terrorism but much interest has to be encountered with the local perception and action of those who personify the fragile and vulnerable societies, making them responsible, as the main pillar in strengthening their individual process against terrorism. By contrast, other methods to counter terrorism registered results, and must be continued, but the countering matrix has to be more wide and more flexible, not only focused to capture the leaders of the terrorist/insurgency groups, attentive to the next generations of perpetrators. After World War I the map of Europe was redrew, minorities and ethnicities were encouraged to campaign for independence or autonomy, but in many cases self-determination was not really possible. Believing they were promised post-war independence, the Arab nationalists felt they had been betrayed, especially when Zionist immigration was allowed. Terrorism was developed more after the end o... ... middle of paper ... ...rganized and they are not under the pressure of legal restriction or international regulations. The weaken aspect of the terrorist leader succession is the impact of the new head that might improve or damage the performance of the group. The surprise of the terrorist leadership comes from the clandestine and violent nature as leaders are charismatic and likely ready to be victims anytime. In order to eliminate terrorist groups is necessary to act also offensive, to procure and exploit intelligence data about the existence, profile and location of the terrorist cells. Most terrorist and insurgency groups have formal hierarchies so that captured individuals or cells cannot compromise the entire group. Capturing, killing or sentencing the leader of the group strengthens the message that next leaders will face the same fate, just doesn`t assure the ending of terrorism.
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