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Do zoos do more harm than good? Although the topic can be argued, several facts and articles support the idea that zoo do more harm than good. Articles describe in detail the horrible and unnecessary "imprisonment" of these once free animals (Carr). Problems that zoos have caused can be found in several of its inhabitance. These unnecessary prisons cause harm to animals that were meant to be in the wild and need to be stopped and shut down. Cramped, overcrowded zoos that are not educated on the proper diet and excersize patterns of animals are not a home for these helpless, wild animals. Insufficient and improper diet, insufficient space, boredom and depression, surplus animals, inbreeding, and a lack of educating the public are only some of the issues found in zoos. Zoos do more harm to wild animals than they help the animals. Among several other problems zoos force upon animals, starvation is one. Animals in zoos are reported to be starving to death. This is caused by the zookeepers lack of knowledge of their diets. If these animals were in the wild, they could freely access their correct diets and get the proper nurishment required to live. The National Zoo in Washington D.C. had zebras that starved to death after being feed the incorrect and insufficient diet. The National Zoo's red pandas also died after ingesting rat poison in their food ("Zoos: The Historical Debate"). These are only two reported cases at one zoo. Innocent animals all over the world are dying due to the careless and uneducated actions of zoo keepers. Although it is highly uncommon for a wild gorilla to vomit, imprisoned gorillas are beginning to "regurgitate and re-ingest" their food in Rwanda (Tuyl 14). Zebras in zoos are also beginning ... ... middle of paper ... ... animals of valuable lessons taught by their parents in the wild and leave them defenseless (Whiting). Zoos cannot justify capturing wild animals and forcing them into unfit environments for visitors' personal amusement. Despite what zoos may try to tell you, there is no need or justification for the imprisonment of wild animals. Zoos around the world are taking innocent helpless animals from their parents and homes to put on display for our enjoyment, not education. These actions would not be tolerated if it were human children, so why are we doing it to baby animals? Extreme distress, lack of space, inproper diet, inbreeding and insemination, surplus animals, and a lack of educations are all issues that can be resolved with the shutting down of zoos. Animals suffer more harm from zoos than they benefit. Zoos do more harm than good and need to be shut down.
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