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Religion is an apt matter in concern with its usage in literature and short stories. Flannery O’Connor especially weaves a multitude of religious themes and symbols in her short stories. Her background and beliefs influence her in her writings and provide exemplary results in her stories. The personalization of O’Connor and her religious themes found in her short stories provide a greater meaning about the story as a whole and even give perspective into O’Connor’s persona and her thoughts behind her choices in her writings. Because of the significance of religious themes and symbols found in the context of O’Connor’s short stories and literature and in application with people’s lifestyles, the symbolism and meanings illustrated by O’Connor through her short stories provide deeper ties with her personal life and her stories. During Flannery O’Connor’s lifetime (1925-1962), the religious aspects that were heavily intertwined with people’s everyday lifestyles were seen to be mainly compromised. Instead of a meaningful and deep relationship with the Lord in prayer and scripture readings, religion was slowly deprecated and diminished into a mere object of admiration (Lechner). In trying to accommodate the pressures of popular culture and status, many institutions of education and businesses amongst others conformed to slowly diminishing religious aspects from their counterparts (Mirus). With the gradual uprising of secularism from the law, market, science, and then education, media, and entertainment, religion was beginning to be slowly pushed aside (Lechner). And the aspects of culture and life were shortened to a mere amount. Despite the uprising and conformity to secular culture and lifestyle, Christianity grew from its minor sig... ... middle of paper ... ...ved. Eventually, contemporary reviews saw the light of her intricate stories and shed light on the deeper meaning of the spirituality in her stories. O’Connor’s usage of religious themes and symbols in her shorts stories provide her readers with a broader approach into her writing. She skillfully weaves in her ideas, criticisms, and thoughts on religious aspects through her short stories to portray a more significant meaning. With her unique style in delivering her message and contexts of her writing, O’Connor flourishes in giving mysterious stories that grab readers’ attentions to want to understand the inhibited meaning behind her writing. In doing so, O’Connor is able to portray her ultimate spiritual beliefs and points of view to her readers and give academic and literature vice in well-written forms of short stories for her readers to delve and enjoy in.
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