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Deer Behavior
Due to the exceptional sense of smell of the white-tailed deer, the bucks will usally not go out into an open field if hunters are in their tree stands. Bucks rut to mark their territory and it is also considered mating season. During a rut, bucks rub their antlers and they wollow in mud and dust to release a chemical called phermones. They also fight with each other to release phermones. Bucks in a rut will always follow a doe wherever she goes. This is why the hunter uses doe ustres or urine when they go hunting. This will help to ensure a buck will come into the hunters' sight. When a buck is not in a rut he will normally not follow the doe. When bucks are in a rut they will make scrapes on little trees or bushes and use their antlers to make scrapes on the ground like moving leaves around, they do this to mark their territory.
So other bucks don't come into their territory and take their does away. The approximate size of the land the deer stay on is about a mile square all the time. Unless they get spooked by something or someone. Deer stay in a mile square because that is their terriory. So every time they move out of that terriory they have to make a new one and it makes other bucks think that they are still there. But usally the deer will go back to their original territory.
Does urinate all over to mark their territory so that other does don't cross onto their designated area. So that other does dont take their bucks. If other does come into there territory. The does will get in to fights like bears. They get up on their hind legs and fight using their front legs. Also does fight like that to fight predators off, like coyotes, wolves,and a fox.
White tailed deer can sprint up to 30 miles ...

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...earned as it pertains to predicting exactly where any buck will be at any given moment we can't. There are too many variables to consider. Even with all of that lastest technology at our disposal you still need to use some of that old fashioned woodsmanship skill that was a critical necessity of our forefathers to read landscape and ultimately see how a buck uses it. Thats a good thing. It keeps us humble.
The exceptional sense of smell of the white-tailed deer helps ensure their survival. In a time when deer hunting has become a sport and not just a means for humans to survive. The intermittent deer hunting seasons guarantee the endurance of deer. In addition to continuing the deer survival, the hunting seasons help to control over-population of deer. Bucks rut to mark their territory and it is also considered mating season. The releasing of hormones/phermones.
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