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How would you feel if the state that you lived in had to pay at least $117 million in tax money to the people that are on death row? Well, in 2008 Californian tax payers did. This $117 million averages out to be at least $175,000 per inmate each year. If California was to abolish capital punishment and allowed all the inmates on death row to die naturally in prison the state would save at least $4 billion in future costs (Carter). If the death penalty isn’t used an alternate option would be a sentence of life without parole. In order to establish justice, all political leaders should condone the death penalty. By disregarding the death penalty it would reduce the conviction/death of innocent people, as well as decrease the expenses towards the death of criminals.
The first issue with capital punishment is the conviction/killing of innocent people. These actions cause the actual criminals to be out and about carrying out more crimes. In November of 2005 Juan Moreno, the victim of a non-fatal shooting, was the only eye witness to the crime. Moreno had told the Houston Chronicle paper that the alleged shooter, Ruben Cantu, was innocent and that he had only pointed at Cantu because of pressures from the police. Unfortunately, Ruben Cantu had been executed years before the newspaper was published (Sangillo). This shows that pressure from other people towards the witnesses could wrongfully convict and unfortunately kill innocent people. Over the past 40 years researchers found that 143 defendants who were on death row were wrongfully convicted (Valencia). This ties in with the fact that Ruben Cantu couldn’t have been the only innocent person executed. Many of the innocent people most likely can’t afford a well-known attorney to help t...

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