Research Methodology In Research

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Research is defined as an organized and planned approach for learning. It is a scientific technique to find solutions to the problems which are related and has significant effect on the society. As pointed out by Gerald Milburn, “Scientific research is a chaotic business, stumbling along amidst red herrings, errors and truly, creative insights. Great scientific breakthroughs are rarely the work of a single researchers plodding slowly by inexorably towards some final goal. The crucial idea behind the breakthrough may surface a number of times, in different places, only to sink again beneath the babble of an endless scientific discourse”.

In the preceding chapter, the underlying literature review to undertake this research was presented. The
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The scope of research methodology as given by Kothari (2004) is, “When we talk of research methodology, we not only talk of research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research study. We should explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by…show more content…
A methodological literature review is required, as it establishes a basic framework for the proposed study. It helps in arriving on the research design to base the investigation upon (Sekaran, 1992). It helps in identifying key variables and demonstrating that the proposed research contributes something new by advancing what is already known in the research area. It also helps to narrow down the research area and formulation of questions around this to collect the required data. Each question should be related to the objective of the study. Literature review is very important aspect of the research process, it provides the inputs and guides the researcher to design a new instrument or use an existing instrument which can be used to analyze the data
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