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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The process of developing the objective statement, deciding modes of data collection and the means of analyzing the date and the final presentation leading to logical interpretation is known as Research Methodology. Objectives of the Research Methodology:  To study the different welfare facilities provided in these companies and how the employees feel about it. The company gives extra welfare facilities in view of the good of the employees and to boost up their morale. This study aims at finding out those facilities.  To know the extent of awareness of the employees regarding welfare facilities. The employees need to be aware of the various facilities that they can avail from the organization and from the government.  To appreciate the organization for the good that it does to all the employees and to suggest remedial measures for strengthening the morale of the employees. Problem Statement: In today’s world, every company is striving hard to maintain its position in the market. In my dissertation I am trying to reflect the strategies which the company must take to enhance its employee’s productivity and quality of work so that their organization can sustain in the market for a long time and its effectiveness. Sources of data collection 1. There are no primary sources in my project. 2. Secondary Source • Books • Research Papers • Websites TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES OF DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS • Inferences are drawn. • Through observations some findings are made. • Recommendations are made to improve the present policy and procedures. FINDINGS The study signified the various functions of employee welfare department in a company and also showed how they are helpful in increasin... ... middle of paper ... ...h and every employee has equal opportunity to avail the welfare facilities. The Human Resource Department have strengthened the human and employee relation and the Department takes good care of the administration of the welfare of the employees. They take time to listen to the grievances of the employees, check if they’re provided with good working conditions. The personal problems of employees are also looked upon personally by the HR Department and a serious effort is made to solve the problem. Through generous fringe benefits, the HR Department makes life worth living for their employees. The welfare amenities are extended in addition to normal wages and other economic rewards available to employees as per the legal provisions. The HR Department with a good team work has provided its efficiency and become an inevitable and important part of the organization.
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