Research Frameworks Of Theoretical Frameworks

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Introduction This chapter is about to determine how the study was conducted for the study results that can be obtained more accurately in the process of analyzing the information. A methodology may be selected from a variety of research designs thought to have compatibility to achieve and fulfil the goals and needs of the study. The methodological approaches that have been chosen also the tools used in order to get information are determined. There are a few parts in this chapter that include the framework, research method; research subjects include the sample, population and sampling, data collection method, questionnaires design and also the data analysis. 3.1 Theoretical framework The conceptual frameworks are a type of intermediate theory that attempt to connect to all aspects of inquiry. The theoretical framework is supposed to help the reader make logical sense of the relationships of the variables and factors that have been deemed relevant or important to the problem. This theoretical framework shows relationships between all the variables so the reader can understand the theorized relationship between them. Besides, Theoretical framework can state how the variables are related to each other. In theoretical framework also researcher can state whether the relationships are positive or negative. Theoretical framework of this study, independent variables refer to the factor that affects interest of the student. Figure 3.1 Research Frameworks for the Involvement of Students in Physical Activities through Their Study Period Independent Variable Independent variable is one that influences the dependent variable in either a positive or negative way. The variance in the dependent variable is ac... ... middle of paper ... ...ASW (Predictive Analytics Soft Ware) Statistics. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, among the most widely used software for survey analysis. Short Pulse Spallation Source The type of spallation neutron source presently in operation at for example ISIS, an SPSS produces short duration, bright neutron pulses for high resolution neutron scattering. To get the reliable statistics of our study we used SPSS software to compute data as to minimise standard error that usually occur with studies that depended upon Excel and Words processing software. Through using SPSS software we did descriptive analysis of data that we able to generate while writing of research we used that statistics with suitable table, graph, chart and diagram. Such analysis then is supported by explaining significant trend on each group of data while focusing on mean and standard deviation.

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