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Mississippi has a long history from the time it was discovered by the Europeans and when slavery became differ cult they were brought to south America on a ship to work they were whipped by their masters . Throughout the years of African American history we have been beaten, judged by the color of our skin. Back then we wasn’t able to go to an all-white school such as elementary, middle school, and high school as well. It was people that has been made famous because of their struggles they’ve went through during the civil rights movement. Mississippi was found august 10, 1821 it’s the 24th state in the U.S. it s locates in the southern united states the capital is Jackson and it’s the largest city. In 1570 there was a Spanish explorer by the name of Henando DE Solo. And led the first European and the first to cross the Mississippi river searching for gold sliver and passage towards china. He died in 1542 on the side of the Mississippi river in Louisiana. It was also discovered by Pierre D’I berville and his group of his explorers in France 1699, The Mississippi is the larg...
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