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The tittle of the article that is being summarized is “How Attributional Ambiguity Shapes Physiological and Emotional Responses to Social Rejection and Acceptance”. The article is about four students whom in their research; explored how social rejection and acceptance are perceived, are responded to, and affect an ongoing social interaction between same-race or different-race interaction partners. In other words the article is about how people perceived societal refutation and approval, as well as interracial versus intraracial interactions. The theory or model that guides the research is the Attributional Ambiguity theory; this theory is a psychological acknowledgment concept describing the difficulty that members of negatively stereotyped groups may have in interpreting feedback. According to this theory, members of groups that often experience social stigma find it challenging to determine whether feedback is based upon their actual behavior or involvement in a categorized denounced group. This can lead stigmatized group members to feel doubt about whether negative outcomes are due to discrimination against them or their own behavior. In comparison, they might question positive feedback as a form of sympathy rather than seeing it as the result of their ability and achievement. An important question of this research was whether intergroup interaction effects were occurring similarly for Black participants and White participants or occurring only for Black participants in interracial interactions. They also predicted that participants would respond to social acceptance from same-race partners with generally benign reactions, including positive emotions, challenge states, and better performance. Last prediction was that that same-... ... middle of paper ... ...ld be attributionally ambiguous, particularly for Black participants, who might doubt the legitimacy of the feedback. One thing that I know now that I honestly didn’t know before would be the existence of the term Attributional Ambiguty. I’ve personally thought of such idea, but never thought it was being actually studied, still I learned incredibly about the topic and the outcomes of the research. My evaluation of this article would be thumbs up, for the fact that it was very blunt as well as detailed. I also had no difficulty trying to understand the purpose of the study and its procedures. Works Cited Mendes, W., Major, B., McCoy, S., & Blascovich, J. (2008). How attributional ambiguity shapes physiological and emotional responses to social rejection and acceptance. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 94(2), 278-291. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.94.2.278

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