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6 out of 10 children who were physically abused are suicidal in their older years (Felitti & Anda 2009). Suicide is one of the most common effects a child can have caused by poor mental and emotional health from the parents need to neglect and/or abuse. Along with suicide, children have a higher risk for anxiety disorders, abuse of drugs, and depression. Although 35-75% of mental health patients report physical abuse in their life, children can become survivors with crucial recovery processes (Briere 2004). Society should understand the physical and psychological effects of child abuse to prevent further incidences and to help recovering victims. Physical Health Consequences: Short and Long Term Physical abuse classifies as the use of physical force that harms the child’s health, survival, development, and/or dignity. The World Health Organization found that physical abuse in childhood is 25-50 percent more likely to happen in high-income countries. Parents or parental guardians perpetrate eighty percent of this maltreatment. Poverty, mental health problems, low educational achievement, alcohol and drug misuse, having been maltreated oneself as a child, and family breakdown or violence between other family members are all important risk factors for parents abusing their children (Plos Medicine, 2012). Physical health consequences could vary from short-term effects including bruises and cuts, to long-term effects including broken bones, hemorrhage, and in worse case scenarios, it could end in death. Along with short-term effects, bloody, torn, stained clothes, poor hygiene, and inappropriate dress are commonly observed on children who have been physically abused or neglected. Diseases like cardiovascular, lung, liver, hyperte... ... middle of paper ... ...rt, the long-term impact of child abuse is far-reaching, with some studies highlighting that the effects of childhood abuse can last a lifetime (Draper et al., 2007). With the understanding of the physical and psychological effects of child abuse, society should be able to prevent further incidences and help recovering victims. Child abuse ruins the trust and leaves the child feeling betrayed. When child abuse stops, the impact and effects are still there (Plos Medicine, 2012). Security, love, understanding, nurturance, and support are the key to having a healthy life in the future and overcoming the effects. Society should understand that if their life is not in order, they shouldn’t bring a child into their mess. Eliminating stressful events will make life simpler for you and the child. If not, the parents could damage the child’s life before it even begins.

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