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In this paper I will be encompassing the epic of Gilgamesh, the characters, themes, motifs, irony, and the story as a whole. I will start with a short summary first to get you up to speed. Gilgamesh is a Sumerian king in the city of Uruk. Gilgamesh was for lack of a better term egomaniacal, cocky, and thoughtless. But how could he not be? His dad was a king and his mom a goddess meaning he is two-thirds god. Gilgamesh is more a tyrant than a king however. Gilgamesh would take and rape women for his pleasure and kill or force work upon the young men of Uruk. The people began to pray to the gods for help to save them from Gilgamesh and his ways. How do you beat the strongest man on the face of the earth? Make one who is stronger. The gods then create a wild beast man named “Enkidu” to challenge Gilgamesh to a wrestling match and beat him. However with Gilgamesh being Two-thirds god it is kind of hard to do that.
They create Enkidu and he challenges Gilgamesh to a wrestling match but to no avail Enkidu cannot defeat Gilgamesh, but on the same side Gilgamesh cannot beat Enkidu. With his strength matched (which has never happened before) Gilgamesh declares a draw and befriends Enkidu. With his new bestie in hand Gilgamesh and Enkidu travel to the cedar forest to defeat a god named “Humbaba” who guards the forest despite the warnings from Gilgamesh’s mother Ninsun. She tells him he is being reckless and could die he replies: “Should I fall, I will have established my fame” (2.236). This is pretty much yolo before it was cool. However, you will see later that he isn’t about that life. Without heeding his mother’s warnings they embark on their journey to the Cedar Mountains. Once there they fight Humbaba and defeat him then chop down th...

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...nd his beloved city of Uruk. Humbaba has no real purpose except that he is to die to Gilgamesh and Enkidu and curse Enkidu.
Ninsun is Gilgamesh’s mother and protector. She asks the help of the sun god Shamash to look over Gilgamesh while he fights Humbaba. As a recap Gilgamesh is a feared tyrant and the gods create a warrior to defeat him. They become best friends and travel around killing things together. They get into a fight with a goddess who is in love with Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven. They kill the bull and Enkidu falls ill and dies. Gilgamesh then searches for a mystical plant that will grant him immortality but fails to achieve his goals and realizes that to truly be immortal he must leave a legacy behind that will change history forever. This concludes my critical analysis over the epic of Gilgamesh and its many hidden nuggets of advice and wisdom.

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