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Elvis Presley is not known as the King of Rock and Roll for any old reason. He revolutionized the music of his time and greatly affected the music that would come after him. The development of the music style known as Rock and Roll stemmed from many different types of music that were already in existence. Elvis’ musical style was generated from three main genres. He fused African American blues, southern country western and Christian gospel music together to form his unique sound (Jeansonne). His early music fell under a genre known as “rockabilly” which then evolved into his own style of Rock and Roll. Rockabilly is known as one of the earliest, rawest forms of rock and roll. It is the blending of bluegrass and rhythm and blues which led to an upbeat lighthearted musical style and lyrics.
Rockabilly was formed in the southern United States with its pioneers being the likes of Elvis, Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more. (Kaza). Rockabilly was said to have met its peak when Bill Haley and The Comets released the song “Rock Around The Clock” in 1955. This new style of music was not invented solely by Elvis but he was certainly one of the main poster boys for it. Elvis’ fusion of country music and rhythm and blues made him the most successful rocker of all, he brought forth the clearest fusion of black blues music into the newly formed genre of rock and roll (Clarke). In a recent article done on the impact of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Iovine, the Chairman of Interstate A & M Records writes on Elvis “He didn't invent rock & roll, but he defined it in a way that everyone who followed him owes him a debt”(Iovine). One of rockabilly’s main appeals was the way it sounded on tape. Ma...

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