The “Secret of Life” is a mystery throughout the whole story, that the Doctor is determined to figure out, using the monster, he created. The author of Frankenstein is Mary Shelley, she is best known for Frankenstein. Mary lived with two other poets, Percy Shelley and George Gordon. She was not an ordinary 19 year- old. Mary was the daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. Since, she had poets as parents; she would read all of their works. Mary read many novels that were gothic, French, and German. She also read numerous romantic novels. Mary lived in England, however people would not accept her. They couldn’t get over that she eloped with her now deceased husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, when she was younger. By the 19th century, people never forgot things in general, more less what she did. Mary Shelley was influenced to write a ghost story on a dark, rainy night, as a request for a scary story, from England men. Once the guys read her story, it became the most known Gothic Novel. They felt it was too good, just to be a story, it was scary and unreal. Her novel Frankenstein showed many readers that she was very interesting woman of the 19th century.
Mary Shelley was not the normal everyday day, she was much more interesting. Growing up Shelley lost her mother shortly after her birth. Shelley had multiple siblings, one which was a step-sister named Franny Imlay. Imlay was her mother’s daughter from an affair, which she had with a military man. Her father married another woman, Shelley’s step-mother, which she lived with. Her step-mom had her own daughter from her previous marriage. Mary didn’t really ever get along with her step-mom. Shelley’s step-mom always thought Shelley’s education was not at the least bit importan...

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...fter the brutal revenge, Victor then seeks to destroy the monster. The “Secret of Life” is a mystery throughout the whole story. “Life is obstinate and cling closest where it is most hated”, hints at the power of Shelley’s gothic tale. “What may not be expected in a country of eternal light”, is in Walton’s first letter to his sister. That quote shows the danger of light, such as electricity. Light is a symbol of knowledge and discovery, a quest to reach the northern part of the Earth, is similar in spirit of Victor. The quest for the “secret of life”, is not within the light because light is not good. The light gives the monster a horrible reaction. “Light pressed upon his nerves”, shows that it was not good and is a symbol of how the characters feelings towards light are not very likable. The feelings of the monster are within the search of the “Secret of Life”.

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