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Charles dickens was born February seventh eighteen-twelve. His mother’s name is Elizabeth and his father’s name is John Dickens. His father worked as a clerk in the “Naval Pay Office” ( His father also was in a pretty good amount of debt And was sent to prison in eighteen-twenty-four. Charles, his mother, and siblings were Sent to work to help pay off his father’s debt so that he can be released from prison. At twelve years old Charles was still working at the “Blacking Factory” that worked at with his family. ( His mother gave him no choice but to keep working at the factory but his father disagreed with her choices and took Charles away from that job. Between eighteen-twenty-four and eighteen-27 Charles was also a pupil during the day at a school in London as a tutor. When Charles was fifteen he was employed at as an office boy at attorneys. He worked there while he studied shorthand during the night. Charles Dickens was still scared from working at the “Blacking Factory” and only did he speak of his experience to his wife Catherine Dickens and his friend John Foster. But he found a way to turn his horrific experience into a wonderful gift, Charles could write. He speaks about his hard times in the factory through his books that he wrote, “David Copperfield” and “Great Expectations”. ( Charles became a “free-lance” reporter in eighteen-twenty-nine at “Doctors Commons Court”. ( Charles fell in love in eighteen-thirty after meeting beautiful women, Maria Beadnell. She was the daughter of a banker. He became really successful shorthand by eighteen-thirty-two His relationship crumbled with Maria in eighteen-thirty-three due to his relationship with Maria’s ... ... middle of paper ... ...harles Darnay had been locked up in “La Force” waiting for his trail to the guillotine. The Manette Family went to Paris to save Charles Darnay. They went to his (first) trail and he was found innocent. When Madame Defarge found Dr. Manettes old journal it said that he hates Charles Darnay for being one of the nobilities and he condemns him to death. They take him back to trail and find Charles Darnay guilty and they put him back in “la Force” to get the guillotine ready. Sydney Carton found his way into “La Force” by blackmailing the former French/England spy. When Sydney got in he told Charles Darnay to switch clothes with him and he sat him down and told him to write a letter to Lucie. After he wrote the letter he knocked Charles Darnay out and the guards, thinking he is Sydney Carton take him out. The Manette family return to London and live happy lives.

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