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Beowulf has many of the main characteristics it takes to be considered an epic hero. An epic hero is a larger-than-life person, who is occasionally royalty or a demigod.
“The epic hero uses his courage, skill, and virtue to battle evil forces. The hero is almost always goes on a quest or an adventure. He uses this opportunity to prove his heroism and win honor and undying renown” (Pearson, 34).
Not all people can be an epic hero like Beowulf because in real life no one is a larger-than-life, royalty figure, which goes on a quest to defeat supernatural evil forces. Beowulf is a perfect example of this because he does all of the things previously described, but no one can live up to Beowulf’s level of heroism. Beowulf defeated Grendel with his bare hands. Not only can no one else do that, but there are not any monsters like Grendel in modern times.
There is a big difference between an epic hero and a modern day hero. It is tougher to be considered an epic hero in modern times. The modern day hero doesn’t have to be larger-than-life or have super strength. He doesn’t even have to have any kind of superpowers at all. Modern day heroes don’t have to be adults, they can be children too. A nine year old little girl saved her younger sister from getting hit by a truck while walking to the bus stop. She pushed her little sister out of the way and let the truck hit her instead. Although she suffered from broken legs and a fractured neck, she lived and her sister was unharmed (Dolasia). All you need is the courage to put yourself into harm’s way for the good of others and you could be considered a hero. Kids idolize superheroes because they can make evil in the world disappear. Even the citizens idolize them because they watch over them s...

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All of these characteristics previously described are what make an epic hero. Heroes don’t have to be “epic” to make them a hero. Although these normal heroes don’t have supernatural qualities, they don’t need them to do great things. Beowulf is an epic hero and he does have supernatural abilities along with having honor, courage, loyalty, and being a skilled wordsmith. I believe that Beowulf was portrayed to be so great because over time stories get more and more “off the wall” and “far-fetched” when different people tell them. Yes he could have done these things but they may not have been as dramatic as they are portrayed to be in the translations because the story was told to be an interesting and fun folk song. It probably wouldn’t have been passed down through the generations if it was just a boring folk song.

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