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In Rudyard Kipling’s novel “Captains Courageous”, self-image will be exploited and will show you, that even through the entire struggle, you can find who you truly can be. First, you must know who Rudyard Kipling was, and his love for such a realistic attitude toward his characters. Rudyard Kipling or Joseph Rudyard Kipling was born on December 30, 1865 in modern day Mumbai, India. Rudyard was a very close person to his mother, while distant to his father. Kipling just had one sibling and loved every bit of India. That was taken away from him though when his mother wanted him to get a British education. Rudyard moved into a British foster home with a family named the Holloways. Mrs. Holloway was very abusive towards him. Kipling escaped his troubles through books and writing. Soon, a worker for the foster home saw Kipling’s condition from the abuse, and contacted his mother and was liberated from what he claimed “a nightmare”. Kipling was sent to a new school where he flourished. The family unfortunately could not afford college, so they sent him back to India where he reencountered his past experiences. Seven years later Kipling, soaking his fame up from his short stories in India, he returned to England. While in England, Kipling married one of his good childhood friends and friend of his sisters, Carrie Balestier. Soon after some heartache and bankruptcy a child was born, Josephine. In the late 1800’s Kipling’s writing career shot off great, then after his publication his novel “The Jungle Book” it boomed. Rudyard became the highest paid writer in the world at his time. Then tragedy struck, after fallout, his daughter Josephine passed away from an illness that she contracted in America. Rudyard would never return to America aga...

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...eeded. Words can become powerful, or never be used again. Those that choose to listen speak, or write can make their own world. Kipling saw this and did so through his writings. For example, “The Jungle book”, this book was a public message through a novel to reveal the horrors in the meat factories in the twentieth century. People across the U.S and the people in those kinds of areas were impacted deeply. They refused to buy, which caused investigations across the country and shut down thousands of meat businesses. Words again can make history with just the motion of a hand. Kipling and his Novel has impacted me strongly, enough to say that I have confidence in myself that I haven’t had before. I can walk strongly towards anything without fear. I can see through his characters and how to just put my head up and go through life with an acceptance of consequences.

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