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Robert Browning poems are mostly based on love. In many of his writings he goes into a deep description of a beloved woman, he adores. Robert Browning was born in Camber Well, England in May 7th 1812. Brownings mother worked as an accomplished pianist and his father worked as a collector of books and pictures. Robert Browning was home-schooled most of his education came from his father. Robert Browning learned many different languages such as Latin, Greek, and French. Browning learned to read and write at the age of five; Robert Browning learned many different things at a young age. Later in life a family member gave him a collection of poems and it was at that point that he fell in love with poems. He tried to write some at an early age some got published but most of them didn’t. In 1833 he published his first major work. Later in life he published a book called “The Ring and the Book” which was published by Robert Browning. This poem is more than 20,000 lines. This poem was written in blank verse and it was published in 12 books from 1868 to 1869. This book was considered a collection of his greatest poems.
“The Ring and the Book” is considered Robert Borrowing’s greatest works. In this book it explains about a murder in this book it has all different charters that were involved in this terrible story. This book was published in four Different Volumes; This Story happened in 1868 to 1869 and was soon published to the world. The publisher name was Smith an co. in this book tells about a murder that happened in Rome This murder took place in 1698. The guy was founded Guilty his name was Francschini. Soon the book was published in 12 Different books. In this story it explains about a man that was founded guilty for the murder of h...

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...of his poems they can be hard to find and very Rare at that because they are so old it’s hard to find some of them. At a very young age he learned to read write and also speck all different languages by the age of 5. Very educated man and a very bright man. He aslo published a play called The Pied Piper of Hamelin it was broadcasted in (18782) the play was based on a Fantasy. The charters name that was in this play were Pied Piper, Deaf child, Blind child, Lame child, Mayor. This play didn’t become popular until Robert browning passed away.
He also published another play called Pipe passes the play writer was Robert browning this was also anther play that didn’t go so well when he was alive but a huge success when he passed away.
He published a poem called my last Duchess it was a huge success for Robert browning. “That's my last
Duchess painted on the wall,
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