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1. What are the six skills listed on the page “Research Skills”?
The six skills listed on the research page are; firstly to define the task, next to locate your information, then to select resources, and then present the ideas and points you'd like to make and finally evaluate your work.
2. What are the five steps involved in defining a task?
When defining a task for research five steps to do so are to firstly, understand
The question, use what you already know, do some background reading, next develop some key words and lastly plan the final product.
3. Choose one and summarize how it is done.
'Background Reading’ is when you start research on the topic you need to write about. It is most helpful when you do not know much about the topic at hand, or you need some extra information. Researching the background of something involves using resources and creating knowledge and key words, making sure to possibly take notes and check for plagiarism.
4. What are the six sub-headings listed under locating information?
The 'locate information' section has six sub headings that are as follows; using key words, helpful sites and databases, newspapers and journals, primary sources online and library services.
5. List four of the helpful sites and databases.
The helpful sites include, ‘state library of victoria’, ‘trove’, ‘Australian dictionary of biography’, national film and sound archive’, ‘Australian screen’ and ‘public record office of victoria’.
6. What are the six subheadings listed under selecting resources?
In this section we see the six sub headings as; read efficiently, question the text, identify bias, evaluate images, evaluate websites and lastly primary and secondary sources

7. How can we iden...

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... they take you to other books on the same topic.

The second thing is having learnt is a new way to evaluate my work, using the ‘PMI’ method. This is where you go through your document and take out the plusses (‘P’) and understand what’s good. Then, look at the minuses (‘M’) and then look for improvements (‘I’). Take these and make changes according to your columns.
11. If someone asked you “How can I research effectively?” what would you tell them?
I would give them advice to first research your topic and gather background information. Take some notes and take the most important parts out of your research. While researching, make sure to check for bias by looked at who made the source and why it was created. Also make sure to look at credibility and pick research from relevant places. Then make sure you revise your work and, if you have, to re-research your work.
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