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It should be noted that there was an improper ratio concerning the number of internal, external and national papers. The research conclusion here are based upon an improper balance of randomly selected newspapers across the United States.
From the twenty newspaper articles selected, there were eleven newspapers that were from New Hampshire, one from outside New Hampshire, seven covered all of the United States, and one was a newspaper from outside of the country. When contrasting V3 and V6, the date of the election and whether the female candidate is being compared to another female, 14 / 20 newspapers compared Maggie Hassan to another female before and after the election results were known. This can prove that the results of the election, whether the female candidate wins her candidacy or not, does not have an impact on females being compared to another female. It appears that they will always be compared to others, and aids in answering H2. When contrasting V3 and V5, the election date and the content of media coverage, it was found that before the election date, 6 / 20 newspape...

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