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Athletics and academics seem to fall hand in hand in today’s world as many students are athletes as well. My question to you is this: “what effects do athletics have on those students’ academics as well as the non-athletes academics?” Do athletics play a positive or negative role in academics? To some the answer might simply be, “athletics play a negative role because of the money involved in athletics that could be used in funding academics and all of the time consumed with athletics.” As I am a track and field athlete here at South Dakota State University, I respectfully would like to make the case that athletics play a positive role on academics as they promote responsibility because athletes need good grades and to turn in their homework or they will forfeit their eligibility until their grades are up. In the same way, I believe that athletics play a negative role as well. Not only do they take extraordinary amounts of time for practices, lifting, and competition, but the money involved in athletics could be used on better teaching equipment or more learning resources available for students.
“The movie Coach Carter gives us great perspective on this topic as it deals with high school athletes struggling in school. Ken Carter comes along and sets rules for them such as sitting in the front rows of class, among other things to help them succeed in the classroom. As the boys begin to excel in basketball, Carter finds out the boys aren’t showing up to class, and are failing. The coach proceeds to hold a lock out until the boys’ grades are up to par and the parents along with community members have a riot. Carter comes to find out the school board is ending the lock out and decides to quit and cut the chains off the doors to the gym. When he arrives at the gym, he sees the chains laying on the ground and enters the gym, only to find the basketball team in desks

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