Required Labeling on Genetically Modified Food

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Representative Serene Lau introduced the following bill which was referred to the Committee on ___________________.
Required Labeling on Genetically Modified Food
Section One:
This bill will require the labeling of genetically modified food in the United States of America.
Section Two:
Congress hereby finds and declares that genetically modified foods should require labeling and identification because the functions of genetic manipulation are only partially understood and may cause critical harm. For years, genetically modified food has been a challenging controversial problem among the world. There are numbers of dispute between the advantages and disadvantage in the food production of using genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic material have been altered by taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait that the original species did not have. Many countries around the world have banned the production of GMOs in their nation. United States does not only NOT ban GMOs but manufacturers are not required to identify or label a GMOs product. The public should have the right to know what they are consuming. Genetically modified food can also increase human health risk and impact the environment negatively.
The human population may be at risk if genetically modified foods are used around the world. “In 30 countries including [nations] in Europe, Japan and Australia, GMOs have been banned...or restricted significantly, due to safety concerns,” stated by Chris Kilham of Fox News , “...other nations are considering more aggressive restrictions against engineered food.” T...

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...fied food and improve the environment.

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